Environment Respect

We Shake hand with nature
Using a natural source.

Increasing the environmental pollutions and wastage of natural energy. The company's coordination with the power of natural resources.

Deccker use solar panels in our infrastructure. Using solar penal we have an eco-friendly environment in our organization it is also helpful to us, employees, and the environment. It is also inspiring to our competitor’s and attract to our consumer.  

The target is to use pure nature energy-using technology. Solar energy is the safest and available every day or a long time. To make a sanitary ware it uses more heating power so, solar power stable to give heat without requiring any other harmful heat sources. The solar system doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You need to keep them clean from time to time.

Currently, solar power is continuous improvement with in the future innovations with science and nanotechnology their innovation is helpful to the use of solar panels and double, or triple than electronic input of the solar energy system.  

Reusing waste.

Raw Material

The implementation of modern techniques can help to reduce wastage. Also, awareness should be created to emphasize the use of reusable sanitary products or the natural sanitary products made from material like sea sponges, water hyacinth, and so on.

Deccker accept wastage raw material for reuse. Because it is the awareness to make some eco-friendly products. We also care that our raw don’t waste. Keep in mind more in more use in raw material without waste it.

Furthermore, we focusing on water resourcing. Because without water we can’t make our products and keeping in mind environmental protection or eco-friendly ideology. So, we use dirty or wastewater and reuse them. Now a day clean water is deficient to use for peoples. In our infrastructure we clean wastage water and save it, having a recourse to save it.  

Moreover using nature’s resourcing and reusing mindset we say that our products are also good but we save the environment pollution and using their resources because our motive is to protect our environment against pollution.

Looking out of customer satisfaction and product quality we assume that our ideology to save nature and using natural resources is leads to success. 

The Production Plant

The Production Plant

Deccker’s commitment to the environment is more than ever focused on water resources, a precious asset. Studies conducted inside its research laboratory have allowed creating an effective system for reusing all the industrial waters in the production of the mixtures, with water savings of 10 cubic meters per day (equivalent to 10,000 litres).

In this regard it should be pointed out that the design efforts of the Deccker technical team have led to the creation of a water treatment plant with the use of natural algae (phytodepuration), producing excellent results without any impact on the ecosystem.

From the energy point of view, the optimization of consumption levels is guaranteed by a particular system for recovering the heat of the kilns to dry the pieces during the manufacturing cycle. Moreover, solar panels generate enough hot water to meet the company's needs all year long.

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